2022 Fourtrax Foreman 4×4 Review, Engine, Top Speed, ES EPS

In the world of ATVs, this is definitely one of those models people can rely on, anytime and anywhere. The 2022 Fourtrax Foreman 4×4 continues with a familiar design, which has been around for a while and which established Honda as one of the leaders in the segment. The Foreman 4×4 has so many great things to offer but riders particularly appreciate that amazing balance between capability and refinement.

This is a pretty serious machine, which comes with loads of advanced technologies and design solutions. At this same time, it is relatively simple and, in typical Honda fashion, extremely durable and reliable. The Japanese manufacturer offers this trim level in three trim levels, without or with convenience features like power steering and electric shift program.

Of course, there is a wide range range of color options and other customization options, so buyers can make their Foreman pretty unique.

2022 Fourtrax Foreman 4×4 Engine

The core of this capable ATV is the engine. Just like in the previous model years, the 2022 Fourtrax Foreman 4×4 relies on a good-old and proven 518 cc single-cylinder four-stroke engine, which has been around for a while but which comes with lots of advanced design solutions. First of all, it is a longitudinally-mounted engine, which ensures excellent power delivery and has a highly positive impact on the chassis balance.

This engine comes with the famous overhead-valve, semi-dry-sump design, something that Honda has been using for years. Such a design makes the engine more compact, without sacrificing performance and durability. In that way, the engine ensures higher ground clearance but also makes the center of gravity lower. Also, there is a specially designed fuel injection, which comes with an integrated oxygen sensor, which helps in making a perfect mix of air and fuel, which is critical for smooth engine operation. Moreover, it also has a big impact on fuel economy and emissions.

It’s also worth mentioning that the 2022 Fourtrax Foreman 4×4’s engine features liquid cooling, while most rivals still use air-cooled engines.

The engine comes in pair with a smooth 5-speed transmission. This transmission includes push-button shifting, so you switch gears with two buttons on the handles, instead of using your feet. This is highly beneficial when you are in mud, snow or a similar situation. Also, you can opt for the Electric Shift Program (ESP), which includes a separated lever for more convenient changes between forward and reverse gear. This is particularly useful when you have to shift between forward and reverse repeatedly.

Besides smooth shifts, this ATV also offers two drivetrain modes, You may choose between 2WD and 4WD modes, in order to maximize Foreman’s performance in every condition. Furthermore, you may also count on differential lock, which maximizes traction and improves off-road performance significantly. The best thing is that the differential is operated via a small switch on the handlebar.

2022 Fourtrax Foreman 4×4 Design, Chassis, Suspension

The 2022 Fourtrax Foreman 4×4 continues in a familiar layout. It features a typical ATV design, which looks quite similar to other Honda ATVs. Still, the attractive look isn’t the thing we like most about this vehicle. That would be the chassis, which is super stiff but pretty light at the same time. The whole vehicle weighs just 636 pounds, and that includes all standard equipment, fluids and a full tank of fuel. By the way, the fuel tank has a capacity of 3.9 gallons, which includes a 1.9-gallon reserve.

The Fourtrax Foreman is good for about 50 inches in wheelbase, while the total length goes around 82.8 inches. Also, this ATV is 47.4 inches wide and 48 inches high. The seating position is at 34.5 inches.

When it comes to the suspension setup, you may count on an independent, double-wishbone suspension at the front and a solid swingarm suspension at the rear end. Both of them offer 7.28 inches of travel, while the ground clearance is 7.5 inches. Combined, they provide pretty solid off-road potential.

There are also several things that make this ATV more attractive and more functional. One of them is the 35W headlights, which ensure excellent vision in all conditions. Furthermore, you may also count on an available assist light with 50W of power. A good thing to know is that the  2022 Fourtrax Foreman 4×4 comes with an upgraded alternator, which provides extra power to handle all accessories.

Comfort, Convenience and Practicality

One of the first things that come to mind in this aspect is the seat, which is plush and well-shaped. Furthermore, it offers very good riding positions, which allows a lot of movement. Along, with the comfortable seat, another convenience feature we like is the available electric power steering. It significantly improves the ride quality, thanks to the fact that the system is torque and speed-sensitive. At the same time, the system is rugged and super durable.

The cargo area is respectable as well. You may count on racks on both ends of the vehicle, with an 88-pound capacity at the front and 176 pounds of capacity on the rear end. These racks come with lots of extra features and accessories, so you can quickly set up your cargo in the most efficient way, including attaching cargo boxes and similar things. Also, there is a small but very useful utility box at the front, which can accommodate things like a cell phone, GPS, or a spare pair of gloves.

If you have some knowledge of mechanics, you will be happy to work on this vehicle. One of the best things is that a tank and side covers come off in a single piece. Moreover, you don’t need any tool to take the offer, so you can instantly get access to the engine area.

Once you get on the 2022 Fourtrax Foreman 4×4, you will notice a well-designed digital meter, which doesn’t show typical gauges only, but also extra information, such as a clock, water temperature gauge, our “maintenance minder” system, and indicator for the electronic differential lock.

2022 Fourtrax Foreman 4×4 Price Warranty

The 2022 Fourtrax Foreman 4×4 starts at around 7.500 dollars (plus a destination charge). Models with electronic power steering cost $700 extra, while models with both power steering and electric shift program are available at 8.500 dollars. Of course, keep in mind a $420 destination charge and a $200 freight surcharge.

The Foreman 4×4 is available in various color options, such as Red, Olive, Honda Phantom Camo®, Harvest Beige, etc.

When it comes to warranty, this ATV comes with the company’s typical coverage. A one-year limited warranty is standard, while you can extend it with the well-known HondaCare Protection Plan.

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