2023 Honda e:Ny1

2023 Honda e:Ny1: What We Know So Far

The Japanese manufacturer has always been famous for excellent mechanics. After all, it is the world’s biggest producer of internal-combustion engines, which are all known for impressive durability and reliability, high refinement and good efficiency. However, things have changed and today’s automotive market is all about electrification. Therefore, it’s no wonder that the company has just presented another concept of an electric SUV, which is expected to arrive already in the next year, as the 2023 Honda e:Ny1.

The company is clearly aiming at the European market with this model. The concept shows a design of a B-segment SUV, which will have a hard task to offer a great balance between performance, efficiency and practicality. One of the things we like about it is that it resembles the company’s current lineup, particularly the new HR-V. However, we still can’t tell if this is going to be the case on the inside.

We believe that the serial production will start already in the next year.

2023 Honda e:Ny1

2023 Honda e:Ny1 Design

Design-wise, the 2023 Honda e:Ny1 concept shows something we would usually expect from this manufacturer. One of the things we like about this concept is that it looks quite production-ready and that the final product probably won’t look much different.

From what we can see on the concept, this will be a B-segment SUV, which will compete primarily in Europe. The styling closely resembles the new HR-V, especially at the front. The overall body features a typical SUV shape, though there is also a bit of a sloping roof design, which may compromise the cargo area for a bit.

2023 Honda e:Ny1 Powertrain, Battery, Range

Of course, the most interesting aspect of the 2023 Honda e:Ny1 will be its drivetrain setup. Even though we are talking about an all-electric setup, Honda will remain loyal to its philosophy and feature a front-wheel-drive setup. It will use a single electric motor, mounted on the front axle, with a max output of 150kW, which equals 201 horsepower. That should be enough to ensure pretty good acceleration and overall performance.

2023 Honda e:Ny1

We expect that the Japanese manufacturer will use GM’s Ultium battery technology in this case. From what we’ve heard from the officials, this crossover will feature a 68.8-kWh battery pack, which would ensure 510 kilometers of the all-electric range, which equals 317 miles. Also, the battery will support a fast-charging option, which would be able to add 100 km of range in less than 10 minutes.


When it comes to interior design, we have no doubt that Japanese manufacturer will tend to keep things simple. That would mean a simplistic dashboard design, highlighted by massive screens. We would expect to see a massive infotainment screen, along with a large digital instrument cluster. Typically for Honda, we expect to see decent materials and solid build quality.

2023 Honda e:Ny1

Considering that we are talking about a B-segment SUV, it’s relatively easy to predict how generous the new model will be in terms of passenger space. Of course, we will see two rows of seats. The front seats will be spacious and comfortable, while the second row should be able to accommodate two adults or three kids. Considering that the battery will be positioned under the floor, so the second-row and cargo area shouldn’t be compromised at all.

2023 Honda e:Ny1 Release Date and Price

At this point, the officials are still quiet about the possible launch date. Still, we believe that the production will start sometime in the next year. It’s still early to talk about the price but one of the things that should be kept in mind is that the Japanese manufacturer has just closed factories in the UK and Turkey, so the new model will be imported to Europe.

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