2023 Honda S2000 Review, Reborn, Interior, Release Date, Price

If we can trust the latest reports, it looks like a real renaissance of Japanese sports cars is happening right now. In many aspects, things look similar to the 90s, when Japanese sports cars were dominating the market with tons of amazing models. These days, we already have several impressive sports cars, while a few more are on their way as well. So, many believe that there is also room for a new iteration of the iconic roadster, which would come as the 2023 Honda S2000.

At this point, this is just a rumor. The officials are still quiet on this matter but if we consider the current situation on the market, the arrival of a model like this makes a lot of sense. Other Japanese manufacturers already work on new sports cars, while Honda is still a little passive in this way. The new S2000 would completely change the picture but keep in mind that we are talking about one of the most iconic roadsters in the last several decades, which means huge responsibility on the backs of Honda engineers and designers.

In any case, rumors suggest that the 2023 Honda S2000 could arrive already in the next year. We suggest you take the following paragraphs with a big reserve.

2023 Honda S2000 Redesign

Back in the day, the S2000 was representing Honda’s vision of a perfect roadster. This model was almost as light as the Miata but way more powerful, on par with models like Porsche Boxter. The core of the car was a high-revving engine, but the rest of the chassis was incredible as well. The body was super-light, while the suspension setup ensures super-nimble handling.

So, if Honda is about to launch a new version of the iconic roadster, these would be the focus points of the new iteration. The overall design approach would remain the same – a lightweight RWD car with an engine at the front. We presume that the overall dimensions wouldn’t change much. For reference, the original model features 94.5 inches in wheelbase, while the total length goes a little bit over 162 inches.

Of course, another thing that comes to mind is the styling. At this point, it’s still early to talk more precisely but if we consider that the original model was pretty unique in this aspect, we would expect nothing less from the 2023 Honda S2000. In other words, we don’t expect it to follow Honda’s contemporary design language. Instead, it would come with its own, more unique aesthetics. Some sources talk about sharing a bit of aesthetics with the NSX, which also makes sense.


If you remember the original S2000, you know that its interior was super simple and all about the driver. Even the audio controls were on the left side of the driver, far from the passenger’s side. So, you know what to expect from the 2023 Honda S2000. The new model would also come with a simple interior design, with a driver-oriented dashboard that features a rather simplistic design. Of course, we would see more modern aesthetics, along with nicer materials, though we have to say that the original model was pretty fine in terms of quality as well.

On the other hand, the overall cabin layout would remain the same. This would mean a typical 2-seat configuration, without much room for cargo and other practical things. The original model featured excellent seats, with perfect side support, so we expect something similar from the new S2000 too.

Just like the original model, the 2023 Honda S2000 should also feature a soft roof. Still, we wouldn’t be surprised if we see a hardtop as an option.

2023 Honda S2000 Engine

We have finally come to the most interesting part of the 2023 Honda S2000 – the engine. The original model is a legend for many reasons but mostly because of the engine. Of course, we are talking about the legendary F-series engine, which was tuned in such an impressive way that it held the title of the most powerful engine per liter for a full decade. That engine features 2 liters in displacement, while the max output was over 240 horsepower. Still, the most impressive thing was the fact that this engine was able to rev all-away up to 9000 rpm.

Unfortunately, we will have to accept the reality. That reality means that chanced to see something similar in the new 2023 Honda S2000 are almost zero. Simply, we are living in the era of turbocharged engines, so even this roadster would have to come with such an engine, to remain competitive. So, we presume that the Japanese manufacturer would use a turbocharged version of its legendary F20 engine, the same version that can be found in the Civic Type R. So, the max output would probably go around 300 horsepower, which would ensure excellent performance. Unfortunately, the addition of a turbo means that the redline will be much lower.

The thing that won’t change all that much is the transmission. Just like the original, the new 2023 Honda S2000 would come with a 6-speed manual gearbox. Honda has a reputation for making the best manual transmissions in the world and the original S2000 was absolutely legendary in this aspect. So, we would expect nothing less from the new iteration.


Even though the original model was pretty simple in terms of interior design and features, the new generation wouldn’t come completely naked. We would still expect to see a fair amount of tech and convenience features. This particularly refers to tech goodies and connectivity features in general.

So, what we expect from the 2023 Honda S2000 is to come with a decently-sized infotainment system and the latest software, which feels way more intuitive compared to some previous generations. Along with we the infotainment system, we expect to see things like wireless Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, Bluetooth and other connectivity features, premium audio system, etc.

On the other hand, we don’t expect too much in terms of safety, as that would completely kill the point of this sports car.

2023 Honda S2000 Release Date and Price

As we already mentioned, the 2023 Honda S2000 is still a rumor. The officials are still quiet on this matter and the actual chances to see it aren’t big. Simply, building a sports car from the scratch costs a real fortune these days and we are not sure if Honda can allow itself such a luxury, especially if we consider that it lags behind the competition in terms of electrification.

If it arrives one day, we presume it will feature a balanced price. We estimate that base versions would cost around 35-40.000 dollars.

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  1. I have been waiting for years for another S2000. I have had eight of them and for what you get, verses what you pay, I would rather have an S2000 over any Porsche I ever had (although there are plenty of Porsche models I have not had). However, if the new model does not look better than the 3 pictures of the prototypes you have shown here, I would not buy one. These possibilities combined with others projecting it would look like a smaller NSX, are all designs that do not appeal to me. The car at least warrants a unique style and personally I would favor a classic or nostalgic style over anything futuristic or contemporary. If it resembles the 3 pictures shown in this story, it will be a flop. Two things sell, appearance and performance. I feel sure the performance will be exceptional, but if you don’t look good in a unique car, what is the point? Going fast in a generic looking car or an ugly car can be done by anyone.

    1. Just do it! Let’s stop discussing this most logical addition to the Honda lineup.
      Res Ipsa Loquitor!
      Where do I send my deposit?

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