Honda Prelude 6th Gen Rendering

Honda Prelude 6th Gen Model Confirmed for 2028!

Honda Prelude, the legendary coupe that had a massive following in the ’70s, ’80s, and ’90s, is set to make a comeback in its sixth generation. The nameplate had always been synonymous with a performance yet affordable car with remarkable reliability. Honda stopped production of Prelude more than two decades ago, leaving fans to reminisce about its glorious past. However, with the announcement of the Honda Prelude 6th gen model, Honda has reignited the passion of the fans, who are eagerly waiting for its return.

According to the latest reports, the new Prelude won’t hit the market until the second half of this decade, probably in 2028. It will come as an all-electric vehicle, as Honda is looking to embrace the green revolution that has taken the automotive industry by storm. As we are still far away from production, there isn’t much information about the new Prelude’s features and specs, leaving fans to speculate about its design.

5th Gen Prelude

Honda Prelude 6th Gen Design

One of the most significant questions that fans have been asking is about the design of the new Prelude. The car had always been known for its sports coupe design, and fans are curious to know if Honda will continue with the tradition. Given the current market trends, two-door coupes aren’t as popular as they used to be. Therefore, the new Prelude may come in a more practical design, such as a four-door or even an SUV. The company had earlier revived another legendary nameplate, the Integra, which had been a two-door coupe. The new model, however, is a four-door sedan. Therefore, it wouldn’t be a surprise if Honda opted for a similar approach for the Prelude 6th gen model.

It is still early for such presumptions, but all indicate that the new generation would come with a different body style. If not for anything else, then for the sake of battery capacity, considering that bigger proportions would leave more room for the battery, which eventually leads to a better EV range. On the other hand, that would completely change the Prelude’s original nature, as we are talking about a lightweight and maneuverable sports car. The new iteration, on the other hand, would gain hundreds of pounds due to the batteries.

Honda Prelude 6th Gen Interior

There isn’t much information available about the interior of the new Prelude at the moment. Given the current technological advancements, it’s safe to say that the cabin will be equipped with advanced tech features, such as massive infotainment and instrument screens, various connectivity features, and many more. Does this mean that the Honda Prelude 6th Gen would follow the modern trends and offer a dashboard design with minimalistic aesthetics and massive screens, it’s hard to say. Simply there are several more years before we see this model, and you know very well that aesthetic trends are changing rapidly these days. After all, Honda will have the include the legacy factor when it comes to the design of this legend.

The seating configuration will likely depend on the body style. The previous generation Prelude was a sports 2-door coupe with a 2+2 seating configuration. However, more practical body styles, such as the sedan or SUV, would provide more comfort to the second row, with the former offering a second-row bench capable of accommodating two adults or three kids with ease. Even the third row could happen in the case the company brings an SUV Prelude.

Honda Prelude 6th Gen Drivetrain, Battery, and Performance

The drivetrain, battery, and performance aspects of the new Prelude will bring the most significant changes compared to the previous generations. The previous generations of Prelude were all lightweight sports cars with a transversely-mounted engine and front-wheel drive. However, the new Honda Prelude 6th Gen will feature an all-electric setup, possibly using GM’s Ultium battery technology and platform.  As a result, the car will be much heavier due to the massive battery pack positioned under the floor. Keep in mind that this arrival is expected in 2028, so GM’s technology could be replaced with Honda’s, as the Japanese manufacturer plans to develop its technology by 2026.

At this point, it’s still early to talk about the capacity, but it’s expected that there will be significant technological advancements in the next few years, raising the industry standards considerably. While a 300-mile range is respectable these days, we can expect even more impressive numbers by the time the Prelude 6th gen hits the market. Regarding the drivetrain, the logic suggests that the new Prelude would feature a front-mounted electric motor, considering that the previous generations were all front-wheel-drive cars. However, with outputs being much higher than they used to be, an RWD setup seems more appropriate. There could even be a high-end version with a dual-motor setup, offering significantly more power at a higher cost.

Honda Prelude 6th Gen In Japanese Magazine

Honda Prelude 6th gen Release Date

As for the Honda Prelude 6th gen Release Date, rumors suggest that the new model won’t be ready before 2028. Therefore, make sure to stay tuned for more details about the comeback of this legend.

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