2022 Honda Element Spy shots, Release date, Colors

The well-known, super-practical subcompact crossover has been out of production for more than a decade but for all this time, we’ve been hearing reports about its comeback. According to the latest reports, this could finally happen in the next year. Allegedly, the Japanese manufacturer is working on the new, second-generation, which will also come with a design that puts a lot of practicality into a small package. We believe it could hit the market already like the 2022 Honda Element. Despite the rumors, the officials are still quiet, so make sure to take the following paragraphs with a big reserve.

At this point, we can only speculate about the design. Of course, some aspects are pretty easy to guess, especially when it comes to things like the base layout, exterior shape and powertrain. On the other hand, Honda would have to do a lot of brushing, considering that there have been more than ten years since the discontinuation of the previous model.

2022 Honda Element Design

Among the things, we think we can predict is the overall design. We presume that the new model will also come as a subcompact crossover and therefore, we believe it will share a lot of mechanics with the HR-V, which has just been redesigned. The two models would share the platform, as well as mechanics. This refers to the suspension setup and other chassis components. On the other hand, the 2022 Honda Element might come with a little bit different powertrain lineup, but we will get on that in a minute.

We presume that the new platform will also allow the accommodation of electrified powertrain options. A hybrid version looks like a safe pick but given the fact that Honda is also working on all-electric technology and that there are already few models on sale in other parts of the world, we believe that the Element’s unique styling would be great for Honda to advertise new technologies.


When it comes to the exterior design, the first thing that comes to mind is the Element’s cubby shape. We have no doubt that the 2022 Honda Element, if it arrives, would feature something similar as well. Simply, that is the thing that separates the Element from the crowd. Of course, the shape would remain similar, but it would come in a combination with modern aesthetics, based on the brand’s latest design language. Some styling elements could be borrowed from the new HR-V, as well as from the upcoming CR-V.  This particularly refers to the front end of the vehicle.

Of course, dimensions would remain relatively similar to the original model. The first generation features around 101 inches in wheelbase, while the total length is under 170 inches.  At the same time, the model’s boxy shape provides a lot of interior space and a high level of overall practicality, despite the modest exterior dimensions.


The most important thing about the Element’s cabin is practicality. The boxy shape ensures plenty of headroom for passengers, as well as accommodation of bulky objects and respectable cargo volume. The new 2022 Honda Element shouldn’t be any different. Of course, we have no doubt that the new model would come with a full load of practical details, including those well-known sliding rear doors.

Besides practicality, the new model would also come with a modern interior, with a dashboard design that utilizes contemporary aesthetics, nice materials and good overall build quality. Considering the model’s unique nature, we have no doubt that this cabin would feature a lot of exclusive details as well. Furthermore, the list of standard and available tech features should be quite generous.

2022 Honda Element Engines

When it comes to the powertrain, we presume that base models will come with gasoline engines under the hood. The first engine that comes to mind is the well-known, super-reliable 2.0-liter naturally-aspirated four-cylinder unit. It puts out around 158 horsepower. Also, we count on a 1.5-liter turbo-four with around 190 horses. Both engines would come in pair with a CVT gearbox.

We would also expect to see some form of electrification. Of course, a hybrid version comes to mind first, and that would be the company’s well-known system that combines a 2.0-liter engine with two electric motors, for a total output of 212 horsepower. Also, keep in mind that Honda is developing a new plug-in hybrid powertrain, so we might see something like that on the offer as well. Finally, don’t exclude the possibility to see the 2022 Honda Element as an all-electric crossover.

2022 Honda Element Release Date and Price

The 2022 Honda Element is just a rumor for now. So, everything you’ve just read should be taken with reserve. However, if this model arrives one day, we presume that the Japanese manufacturer will tend to make it relatively affordable. We estimate that the base price would go somewhere around 25.000 dollars.

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  1. I am interested in a 2022 Honda Element when it becomes available. I now have a 2022 Honda HRV with 2500 miles and would be trading that in.

    1. The 2022 Honda Element is just a rumor for now. The Honda Element was very popular and Honda has been considering the return of that model for a long time.

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