2022 Honda Fury Review, Colors, Specs, Release date, Price

Riding with style is a fantastic thing. Riding a Honda with style is even better. This motorcycle is all about that. It combines a super clean chopper layout with recognizable Honda features, and that doesn’t refer to the powertrain and reliability only, but complete engineering. This bike offers impressive handling, something that you wouldn’t expect from a chopper of this size. Of course, comfort is still a priority, so we can say that the 2022 Honda Fury will offer you a ride with style, with a high level of comfort as well.

The next year’s model continues pretty much in the same way. The well-known styling is there, characterized by lots of unique details, while the engineering is as great as ever. A twin-cylinder engine, combined with a low riding position, long rake and lots of old-school details makes this bike a perfect choice for all those who want a chopper that doesn’t just look great but rides even better.

2022 Honda Fury Powertrain

The heart of this motorcycle is a product of Honda’s famous engineering. In this case, the Japanese manufacturer offers a layout that’s so typical for the chopper class. In other words – a typical twin-cylinder design. This 1312 cc, 52-degree V-twin engine comes with a single-pin crankshaft and dual balancers, a design that provides plenty of torque and the sound and vibrations only genuine choppers can offer. This old-school design is complemented by a couple of modern touches, including fuel injection, which ensures trouble-less starts at cold weather and high altitudes.

Of course, the engine features programmed fuel injection, while there is also another piece of Honda’s well-known engineering – two spark plugs per cylinder, something that’s been patented by Honda decades ago.

The engine comes in pair with a 5-speed transmission, as well as with shaft final drive that is quiet, clean and beautifully designed, which also has a big impact on the motorcycle’s overall styling.

2022 Honda Fury Design

Design-wise, the Fury is hard to be mistaken for some other bike on the road. Its super-clean chopper design really stands out, while lots of exclusive details make it look even more unique. For example, there are unique alloy wheels that bring a big of modern flavor, and it looks great in a combination with all those chrome retro elements that are so typical for a chopped like this.

Of course, there is a typical teardrop fuel tank, as well as a retro-styled 32° (Caster Angle) rake and headlight. For this year, the Fury is available in just one engine option – Pearl Hawkseye Blue. We also like the beautifully-designed exhaust, which looks great and also provides genuine V-twin sound and vibration.

Chassis and Suspension Design

Of course, the key advantage of this model compared to other choppers of a similar size is the chassis setup. This bike is large but also very light. The chassis features a low center of gravity, while the high-tensile steel frame ensures responsive handling and an incredibly smooth ride.

When it comes to the suspension setup, you may count on a 45 mm fork, which features 4.0 inches of travel. On the rear end, you may count on a famous single shock design, which comes with a couple of modern design solutions, such as adjustable rebound damping and five-position spring-preload adjustability. This one offers 3.7 inches of travel.

When it comes to brakes, a combination of a single 336 mm disc with a twin-piston caliper at the front and a single 296 mm disc with a single-piston caliper on the rear end ensures smooth and convenient stopping power.

The front tire feature 90/90-21 dimensions, while the fat rear tire measures 200/50-18.

2022 Honda Fury Dimensions

As we already mentioned, the 2022 Honda Fury is a pretty big motorcycle. Thanks to the massive Caster Angle rake, the wheelbase goes all-away up to 71 inches, which makes the bike not particularly maneuverable. On the other hand, for the same reason, the ride quality is excellent. Of course, another reason why we like the ride quality so much is a super-low riding position, which is at only 26.9 inches.

The bike is pretty big but the lightweight chassis saves a lot of pounds. With all equipment, the Fury weighs around 663 pounds, which makes the bike easy to drive and also more efficient than you would expect.

Speaking of efficiency, the factory claims up to 45 miles per gallon. If we consider that fuel tank capacity goes around 3.4 gallons, it turns out that you may count on quite a respectable 150+ miles of range without refueling.

2022 Honda Fury Release Date and Price

The 2022 Honda Fury will hit the market by the end of the year, with a starting price of around 10.600 dollars. Also, there is a $475 destination fee. The bike comes in just one color option – Pearl Hawkseye Blue.

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