2022 Honda Pioneer 700 Review, Interior, Deluxe, Accessories, Roof

Honda dominates the segment of SxS vehicles and one of the reasons is the variety of models on the offer, including all kinds of versions of the famous Pioneer model. This UTV is available in various sizes and for those who are looking for some mid-range option, the 2022 Honda Pioneer 700 is definitely one to go with. Equipped with a massive single-cylinder engine, this one can haul and tow a lot more than you would probably expect from a vehicle of this size.

However, utility isn’t the only strong point of this vehicle. The Pioneer is a refined machine, which features a lot of Honda engineering. You get a refined transmission, along with a nice suspension setup and a lot of smart technology solutions. Finally, there are convenience features, which will make your ride much easier and much more comfortable.

The 2022 Honda Pioneer 700 continues in the same way and comes in two variants – Pioneer 700 and Pioneer 700 Deluxe.

2022 Honda Pioneer 700 Engine

The heart of this UTV is very capable. Of course, we are talking about Honda’s well-known 675cc single-cylinder four-stroke engine, which has a lot of great things to offer. First of all, such a massive single-cylinder engine ensures plenty of low-end torque, which is the reason why this model can easily tow 1.500 pounds. Furthermore, its simple construction ensures excellent durability and Honda’s famous reliability, which guarantees decades of exploitation.

The second part of this capable and refined setup is the transmission, which features a classic torque converter and three hydraulic clutches. The transmission operates extremely smoothly, while we also like the fact that there are two shift stages, so you can optimize gear changes depending on conditions and preferences. Also, you can switch between automatic and manual modes. The paddles shifters sit on the steering wheel column.

2022 Honda Pioneer 700 Chassis, Suspension and Brakes

Honda has always been famous for its engines, but its engineers are also masters in making a perfect chassis setup. In this case, the Pioneer offers a perfect balance of rigidity and weight saving. As we already mentioned, the max towing capacity is 1.500 pounds, while the bed payload capacity is around 1.000 pounds. At the same time, the Pioneer 700 weighs around 1268 pounds, with the full fuel tank. By the way, the fuel tank capacity goes around 7.9 gallons, including 1.2 gallons of the reserve.

When it comes to suspension setup, you can find an Independent double-wishbone at the front, with 7.9 inches of travel. On the rear end, you get an independent double-wishbone with 9.1 inches of travel. Such a setup ensures a great balance between utility, off-road performance and comfort. Both axles come with hydraulic disc brakes.

Interior Design

The Pioneer 700 features two seats, while models with four seats are also available, under the 700-4 name. In this case, you may count on a pair of well-designed, contoured seats, which provide a high level of comfort, even after hours of driving.

The rest of the cabin is designed in a pretty simplistic manner. This is a utility vehicle, so you won’t find too many fancy details. The whole interior features durable materials, while the dashboard is extremely simple and features a small, motorcycle-like LCD screen, which is simple but shows all information you need. Furthermore, there are two levers, one for the automatic transmission, and the other that allows you to choose between 2WD and 4WD modes, as well as to lock differential.

Besides the seats, you can find a durable and quite spacious cargo bed, which also features a hydraulic assist strut, so you can tilt the bed with ease and load cargo more conveniently.

Comfort, Convenience and Accessories

One of the best things about the 2022 Honda Pioneer 700 is that it comes standard with power steering, which makes the ride far more convenient. Speaking of convenience, the rear shocks are pre-load adjustable, so you don’t have to compromise handling and driving experience, no matter if you have something in your cargo bed or not.

The Pioneer is equipped with a 37.5-Watt headlight, which has plenty of power to enlighten even the darkest terrains. The glovebox inside the cabin has enough room to accommodate all of your personal belongings, while those who are worried about safety should know that this UTV comes with double-latch doors, roll-up side nets etc.

When it comes to color options, base models come in Phantom Camo and Olive colors, while the Deluxe model is also available with the Pearl Red finish.

2022 Honda Pioneer 700


2022 Honda Pioneer 700 Release Date and Price

Since no bigger changes are planned for the next year, we expect that the 2022 Honda Pioneer 700 will hit the market by the end of the year. The starting price should go around 11.000 dollars, while the Deluxe version should go around $12.500.

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