2022 Honda RS150R side view

2022 Honda RS150R Review: Features, Specs, Price

Honda is the world’s biggest motorcycle maker, so it’s no wonder it has a comprehensive offer that covers pretty much every segment you could imagine. Moreover, Honda also offers motorcycles that are pretty unique, which don’t belong to any of the common segments. The RS150R is one of them. Offered mostly in the Asian markets, this motorcycle brings Moto GP flavor to the world of scooters. It is small but yey capable, and also pretty advanced in terms of tech and design solutions.

The 2022 Honda RS150R brings no bigger changes. It comes with a familiar design, which doesn’t just look great, but also performs in such a great way. The best thing about it is that it comes at a quite affordable price, which makes it approachable to the wide range of riders.

2022 Honda RS150R

2022 Honda RS150R Engine

Of course, the core of this small motorcycle is the engine. In this aspect, Honda relies on proven design solutions and offers a well-known 149cc single-cylinder engine. Its simple yet well-engineered design ensures strong performance in every aspect. The max output goes around 15 horsepower and 14 Nm of torque, which seems more than enough for a bike like this. Also, the engine comes with programmed fuel injection, which ensures better throttle response, better fuel economy and easy starts in cold weather.

The engine comes paired with a 6-speed automatic transmission, which is smooth and refined and shifts mostly on time. The whole setup works pretty well together. Furthermore, you may count on a decent 4.5-L fuel tank capacity, which ensures decent autonomy.

2022 Honda RS150R Design

When it comes to the overall design, the first thing that most people notice is the styling. Although essentially a small commuter, this motorcycle looks pretty attractive, thanks to all those bits that take heavy inspiration from the Moto GP competition. Among all these inspired parts and design solutions, we particularly like the wheels, which are pretty big, considering the segment standards. Such a design ensures excellent stability and improves overall performance, which is one of the reasons why the 2022 Honda RS150R is so good to ride.

2022 Honda RS150R side view

Of course, the technical aspect of the bike is particularly impressive. The RS150R features a twin-tube frame, which ensures an excellent balance between sturdiness and weight. The bike is rock-solid but weighs just 119kg at the same time. When it comes to base dimensions, this bike is 2020mm long, while the wheelbase is at around 1278mm.

Comfort and Convenience

The 2022 Honda RS150R is easy to ride, while handling is pretty engaging. At the same time, the bike is also very comfortable. One of the reasons for such a great balance that ensures a convenient ride is the suspension setup. You may count on a telescopic fork at the front and a swingarm on the rear end, while hydraulic disc brakes are on both wheels. As we already mentioned, both wheels feature 17 inches in diameter, which ensures excellent stability.

The seat height is 786 millimeters, which makes this bike suitable for a wide range of riders. The seating position is upright and comfortable, while the seat is massive and comfortable. Also, we really like the digital instrument cluster, which is easy to read and shows a full load of useful information.

2022 Honda RS150R rear view

2022 Honda RS150R Price and Warranty

In most markets, the 2022 Honda RS150R is available in three color options. Those would be Vivacity Red, Pearl Nightfall Blue and Radiate Grey Metallic. As we already mentioned, one of the best things about this motorcycle is the price. In most markets, it starts under 2.000 dollars. Of course, you may count on Honda’s typical one-year warranty, which can be extended with the well-known Honda Care Protection Plan.

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