2023 Honda VFR800F Review, Specs, Price, Release Date

There aren’t many motorcycles around that are as iconic as the legendary Honda VFR. The legendary bike, which is also known as the interceptor, has been around for decades and it always represented Honda’s approach to the segment of sport touring class. The last iteration was in production between 2013 and 2021 and now we are eagerly waiting for a successor, which will probably come already in the next year.

At this point, we don’t know much about the next generation of this bike but what we know is that the Japanese manufacturer is developing a completely new platform for this bike. It’s great to know that the V4 engine configuration will remain and from what we can hear, the new engine could become slightly bigger. As this is yet to become official, we will use the old 2023 Honda VFR800F moniker in this article.

In any case, the next generation could arrive already in the next year, even though the officials are still quiet on this matter.

Brief History

Honda’s tradition in making sport touring motorcycles is huge. It started way back in 1969 when the first VF debuted. However, if we are talking about the VFR model, the one that’s a true icon today, we could say that the first version appeared in the 1980s. That was the time when the legendary Interceptor moniker was established.

Of course, the most legendary thing about this motorcycle was always its V4 engine, but the Interceptor has always been much more than that. It was a super-versatile bike, which combines performance with excellent stability and engaging handling, along with Honda’s unparalleled reputation for reliability and durability.

During all these years, we’ve seen eight generations of the VFR model. The VFR800 nomenclature was established in 1998 when the good-old 750 cc engine was replaced with the new one, the legendary 782 cc unit. The overall layout remained largely the same in the next few generations, with constant improvements in terms of performance and overall rideability. So, the latest iteration, which is the predecessor of the 2023 Honda VFR800F, debuted in 2013 and it was in production until this year.

The next year is about to bring a successor and if we can trust rumors, it could also bring a new nomenclature, as the all-new V4 engine has been confirmed, probably with a bigger displacement.

2023 Honda VFR800F – New Platform Under Development

What’s for sure is that Honda is working on a completely new platform. It was obvious that the last VFR was old and that it needed a replacement but it wasn’t exactly clear, until now, if Honda is about to bring a completely new platform. Many believed that the next-generation VFR would come based on the CBR1000RR model, which would mean coming back to the inline-four. However, this won’t happen and the great news is that the all-new V4 engine is on the way.

At this point, the details are still unavailable. However, we are pretty sure that the new engine will become slightly bigger. It will retain the familiar overall design, but the displacement will probably be larger, around 900 or 1000 cc. At this point, it’s early to talk about anything more precise.

Of course, the new engine will bring new technical solutions and should bring notable improvements regarding performance and efficiency. However, we don’t believe it will change the character. The 2023 Honda VFR800F’s new engine will continue to deliver the genuine V4 performance, which means smooth and linear power delivery, which is generous across the whole rev range. Plenty of torque and crazy throttle response have always been a trademark of the Interceptor and true lovers of this bike wouldn’t trade these things for anything in the world.

2023 Honda VFR800F Design

Of course, the engine won’t be the only new thing in the 2023 Honda VFR800F. We count on a completely new overall design, which would bring all kinds of improvements. It’s hard not to talk about the VFR’s perfectly balanced chassis, which is neutral and allows riders to ride this bike any way they want. The new generation shouldn’t lose this quality. Therefore, we are pretty sure that the upcoming bike will bring mostly evolutionary changes to the table.

The same thing goes for styling. We have no doubt that the new 2023 Honda VFR800F will also feature that massive body kit, though in a completely new manner, with slightly sharper shapes and lines. The riding position should remain similar, while we have no doubt that the new generation will also bring lots of new technologies regarding drive modes, traction etc. The instrument cluster will certainly come all-new. We have no doubt it will be completely digital, though we would like to see a little bit of retro flavor.

2023 Honda VFR800F Release Date

At this point, it’s hard to talk about the 2023 Honda VFR800F release date but if we are about to trust rumors, the new model could arrive already in the next year.

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