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2024 Afeela EV: What We Know So Far

A couple of years ago two major companies joined forces to establish a brand that will be specialized in making electric cars. We are talking about one of the major carmakers – Honda, as well as one of the leaders in the consumer electronics niche – Sony. The two companies established a brand called Afeela and we expect to see the first production model already in a few years. The companies already presented a concept car and for now, we will call it the 2024 Afeela EV, even though it probably won’t arrive so soon.

Most likely, the new model will arrive after 2025. It should be the first model to feature the battery technology developed by the two companies. Until then, Honda will be releasing electric cars based o the technology that’s borrowed from General Motors. Two such models are already coming, the Honda Prologue and the Acura ZDX.

2024 Afeela EV Design

So, the 2024 Afeela EV is still a few years away from us but that doesn’t mean that we don’t have a car to refer to. The company already presented a concept some time ago, so we presume that the production version would feature the same or a very similar design. That concept came in the form of a four-door sedan, so we presume that the production version wouldn’t be much different.

The thing we liked about this concept is that there is a full load of interesting design solutions and features. First of all, there is a 4-door sedan body style, which hasn’t been so common among electric cars so far. Moreover, there is a sloping roof design, which makes this concept look like a coupe. Furthermore, there is a pretty futuristic front-end design, with futuristic LED lighting groups, while the wheels are also designed in a way that looks like they are coming from the future. All in all, we hope that the production version is going to retain most of these features.


What’s great about the concept is that the two companies also presented its interior, so we know what to expect in the future. The production version should implement most of the interior design solutions, starting from the futuristic dashboard that combines clean lines and simple design with a huge portion of massive screens, including a couple of them that replace side mirrors.

Considering the four-door sedan layout, we know what to expect in terms of seating configuration. We are about to see two rows of seats and both should be able to accommodate adults comfortably. Furthermore, the third row should be able to accommodate three adults, the aforementioned sloping roof design might compromise the headroom for a bit.

2024 Afeela EV Specs

As for the drivetrain and batteries, we still haven’t heard much from the officials. That makes a lot of sense if we consider that the production version is still a few years away from production. In that period, we expect to see some significant improvements in technology, which should result in more powerful electric motors and, more importantly, more efficient batteries with better range and faster charging speeds..

Speaking of the batteries, this should be the first model to feature battery technology developed by Sony and Honda. Meanwhile, Honda will continue to use GM’s Ultium battery technology in several of its models, starting from the upcoming Prologue and Acura ZDX.

The new battery technology won’t be ready before 2025.

2024 Afeela EV  Release Date

So, despite the 2024 Afeela EV name we used in this article, the serial production won’t start all that soon. According to the latest reports, the new all-electric sedan will most likely arrive in 2026, with preorders starting in 2025.

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