2024 Honda Accord Electric

2024 Honda Accord Electric: What We Know So Far

The Accord has been a household name in the segment of mid-size sedans for decades and besides impressive quality and longevity, it has also been famous for setting new standards in the industry. That could happen again as the latest rumors suggest we could see the 2024 Honda Accord Electric pretty soon, maybe already in the next year. The new generation of the Accord has just arrived, and now it may be a perfect time for the all-electric iteration. The officials are still quiet, so take the following paragraphs with reserve.

As the officials are still quiet, we could only speculate about the design characteristics of the all-electric Accord. One of the first things that come to mind is that this model could feature a different design than the standard, gas-powered model, and come with a different platform and overall design. Also, our insiders suggest that this version could be offered only in selected markets.

11th-Generation Accord

2024 Honda Accord Electric Design

As we’ve just mentioned, the 2024 Honda Accord Electric could easily come with a notably different design than the gas-powered model. Of course, we presume that the good-old 4-door sedan body style would remain but, on the other hand, this model would ride on a completely different, EV-dedicated platform. Considering that Honda won’t have such a platform ready in the next three years, there’s a good chance to see this sedan riding on GM’s Ultium platform, which has already happened with Honda Prologue and Acura ZDX. In that case, the all-electric Accord would also use GM’s electric motors and battery.

As mentioned, the new platform doesn’t mean that the Japanese manufacturer would give up on the well-known 4-door sedan body style. That layout made Accord a legend, so we don’t expect bigger differences in terms of the overall car silhouette. On the other hand, we presume that the front and rear ends would come with different designs, with aesthetics that emphasize the vehicles all-electric, zero-emissions character.

2024 Honda Accord Electric Render


Considering the body style, we know what to expect from the 2024 Honda Accord Electric interior. That would be a classic sedan cabin, with two rows of seats. Also, if we consider that electric cars usually feature longer wheelbases, the Accord Electric might come with this design change as well, which would translate to more legroom, even though the gas-powered model is already pretty impressive in this aspect.

When it comes to the dashboard design and generation interior aesthetics, things are still unknown, though we presume they could be notably different compared to the gas-powered model. We presume this version would come with a futuristic dashboard design, with a minimalistic, clean design, which comes complemented by a large touchscreen and a good portion of tech features.

2024 Honda Accord Electric Specs

Considering that Honda’s EV platform is still under development, the 2024 Honda Accord Electric would probably come with GM’s battery and electric motors, as we already mentioned. So, what we expect to see is a setup that’s quite similar to the Prologue SUV. Base models would come with a single electric motor on the front axle, and we estimate that the max output could go around 200 horsepower. On the other hand, higher trim levels would come with an AWD setup, with the additional electric motor on the rear end. In that case, the max output would also be increased, probably to around 300 horsepower.

On the other hand, the battery would be placed under the floor and we presume it would be large enough to ensure a respectable range. Although it’s still early for the numbers, we think that something between 250 and 300 miles would be quite competitive, especially if Honda offers respectable charging speeds.

2024 Honda Accord Electric Release Date and Price

As we already mentioned, the officials are still quiet on this matter, so it’s hard to predict possible launch date and price. On the other hand, rumors suggest that the all-electric Accord could arrive already in the next year.

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