2024 Honda Accord Hybrid

2024 Honda Accord Hybrid Redesign: What to Expect?

The legendary mid-size sedan has been one of Honda’s most important models and even in today’s world of crossovers, things haven’t changed much. We are still talking about one of the most popular models in the class and one of the most important models for the company. The current generation has been around since 2017 and if we consider its typical production cycle, it clearly indicates that the 2024 Honda Accord Hybrid should receive a full redesign. Of course, this overhaul refers to gasoline models as well, but we believe that the electrified model will be the focus of the Japanese engineers.

So far, the officials have been quiet about this redesign. However, if we consider that the current generation still feels fresh and pretty impressive in many aspects, it’s easy to conclude that Honda won’t do any radical changes. Instead, we expect to see the evolution of the current design, with a focus on details that will make the new model even better.

2024 Honda Accord Redesign
2022 Honda Accord Hybrid

2024 Honda Accord Hybrid Design

As we’ve just mentioned, the 2024 Honda Accord Hybrid is expected to come completely redesigned. At this point, the officials are still quiet but have no doubt that the Japanese carmaker will play safe. Therefore, we expect to see an evolution of the current design. Of course, the company will introduce a new platform but the overall layout shouldn’t change much. Once again, we expect to see a typical sedan layout, with minor changes in dimensions only.

Naturally, the company will introduce a new styling and we presume that the new Accord would be fitted to the brand’s latest design language, introduced with the 11th-generation Civic. Naturally, there is plenty of room for exclusive details as well. In terms of the suspension and chassis setup in general, we presume some improvements may happen but the 2024 Honda Accord Hybrid won’t change its character. This will remain a smooth-riding sedan with a high level of athleticism.


When it comes to interior design, we count on the new dashboard layout. At this point, it’s still early to talk about details, but we count on a similar approach we’ve seen in the new Civic, with certain modifications, of course, which will make this cabin look more upscale. Naturally, we also count on a full load of new technology features.

2024 Honda Accord Hybrid Interior
2022 Honda Accord Hybrid

On the other hand, the overall layout won’t change much and this will remain a typical mid-size sedan. Therefore, you may count on two spacious and comfortable rows of seats, as well as on a typical cargo volume for the class, which currently goes around 15 cubic feet.

2024 Honda Accord Hybrid Powertrain

This is where we expect to see some changes. The current model features a setup that includes a 2.0-liter four-cylinder engine and a couple of electric motors. The whole setup provides a combined output of 212 horsepower and 232 pound-feet of torque.

The system by itself works well. However, we expect to see further improvements. So, the new system should bring improvements, both in terms of power and efficiency, even though the base setup probably won’t change much. Also, many sources suggest a plug-in hybrid version as well, which would feature the same or similar figures, but also a respectable all-electric range. Once again, the power will be sent to the front wheels via CVT.

2024 Honda Accord Hybrid
2022 Honda Accord Hybrid

2024 Honda Accord Hybrid Release Date and Price

We expect that the 2024 Honda Accord Hybrid will arrive in the second half of the next year. The starting price shouldn’t change much compared to the current generation, which starts at around 28.000 dollars. Of course, Toyota Camry Hybrid will remain the key competitor.

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