2024 Honda Odyssey Type R

2024 Honda Odyssey Type R: Would You Drive a High-Performance Minivan?

The Odyssey isn’t the class leader in terms of sales numbers anymore but it still marks decent results. However, the Japanese manufacturer wants improvements and for that, it will have to improve the image of its practical minivan. Since the current generation is still relatively fresh, and it is still early for a redesign, Honda is looking for another solution. According to rumors, that could be a high-performance version, which would come with the famous Type R badge. At this point, the officials are still quiet, while the rumors suggest it possibly arrives already in the second half of this year, as the 2024 Honda Odyssey Type R.

If this happens, there’s no doubt that the new performance version would come with all kinds of enhancements compared to the standard version. We would see a more powerful engine, upgraded suspension, exclusive interior details, upgraded styling and many more. Still, keep the following paragraphs with the reserve, as the officials are still quiet about this.

2024 Honda Odyssey Type R
2023 Honda Odyssey

2024 Honda Odyssey Type R Design

As we’ve just mentioned, the 2024 Honda Odyssey Type R would come with all kinds of upgrades over the standard model. The base version is far from bad – it is practical, comfortable and refined. However, it lacks athleticism, due to the fact that many parts are shared with the Pilot mid-size SUV. Therefore, we would expect to see all kinds of enhancements, starting with the new suspension setup, which would be stiffer, with lower ground clearance etc. Also, we would probably see bigger brakes, along with some chassis reinforcements.

Of course, it would be normal to see some styling updates, along with all these mechanical upgrades. We would expect all kinds of exclusive aesthetic details, which would accentuate the model’s performance nature. This refers to things like new bumpers, side skirts, rear diffusor, new wheels, exclusive color options etc.

2024 Honda Odyssey Type R

2024 Honda Odyssey Type R Engine

With all the aforementioned upgrades we’ve just mentioned in mind, we still think that the biggest upgrade would come under the hood. The current model comes with a decently-powered 3.5-liter V6 that puts out around 280 horsepower and 262 pound-feet of torque. That’s quite good for a minivan but the 2024 Honda Odyssey Type R would have to offer more.

At this point, there aren’t many possibilities regarding powertrain upgrades, so all roads lead to the same engine. That would be the turbocharged 3.0-liter V6, which powers the new Acura MDX Type S. That engine puts out around 355 horsepower and 354 pound-feet of torque and if we presume that the Odyssey Type R would probably come with the company’s well-known SH-AWD system, we are pretty sure that this minivan would be able to hit 60 in less than 5 seconds with ease, which would make it one of the hottest minivans we’ve ever seen.

2024 Honda Odyssey Type R Engine
Acura’s Twin-Turbo V6


So far, the Odyssey has been a synonym for a comfortable and refined interior. We presume that the 2024 Honda Odyssey Type R would continue in the same way, though with some minor refinement. So, the overall layout would probably remain the same, and we would see a couple of new, exclusive details. Some of the things that come to mind are new color schemes and new materials. As we are talking about the Type R model, we expect to see a lot of red accents around the cabin. Furthermore, we could see a little bit different steering wheel, aluminum pedals and more.

On the other hand, the seating configuration would remain the same. This Odyssey would also feature three spacious rows of seats and have the ability to accommodate adults in each of them.


There’s no doubt that this would be the most expensive version of the minivan. Therefore, we would expect to see it fully stacked with features. We expect to see a long list of tech goodies, including things like an 8-inch touch screen, Apple CarPlay, Android Auto, satellite radio, HD Radio, two USB ports, Bluetooth and a seven-speaker audio system, as well as a Wi-Fi hot spot, wireless device charging, navigation, a rear-seat entertainment system, an 11-speaker premium audio system and additional USB ports.

Furthermore, the list of standard equipment should also include convenience features like tri-zone automatic climate control, proximity keyless entry, push-button start, ambient interior LED lighting, a power liftgate, a moonroof, a CabinWatch rear-seat monitoring system that lets the driver visually monitor rear-row passengers via touch screen, CabinControl that lets driver control rear-seat entertainment system and climate controls etc.

2024 Honda Odyssey Type R Release Date and Price

The 2024 Honda Odyssey Type R is just a rumor at this point, with a small chance to happen. Therefore, we won’t estimate the launch date and price. On the other hand, the standard model should continue in the same way, with a starting price of around 38.000 dollars.

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