2022 Honda CRF300L Review, Specs, Rally, Release Date, ABS, Changes

If there’s a bike that can be praised for the excellent balance between power, handling and weight, that would be the CRF300L. Introduced just a year ago as a replacement for the CRF250L, it brings some of the finest pieces of Honda engineering, starting from the excellent single-cylinder engine and super-refined chassis and suspension setup, which make this motorcycle capable of doing pretty much everything. As we are talking about a pretty fresh model, we are pretty sure that the next year won’t bring anything in particular and that the 2022 Honda CRF300L will carry on with the same specs and features.

This means that you may count on a mix of so many good things. This bike looks great and also comes with a couple of pretty interesting convenience features, which make the ride much more convenient. Still, off-road performance and overall capability are where this motorcycle really shines, so we have no doubt that the 2022 CRF300L will remain the first choice of bikers who need a machine that can take them anywhere, anytime.

2022 Honda CRF300L Engine

Of course, the core of the 2022 Honda CRF300L is its super-capable engine. This unit has been introduced a year ago, as an upgrade of the previous-generation 250 cc engine. The new unit measures 286 cc in displacement and once again, we are talking about Honda’s famous single-cylinder design. There are many Honda-signature features, starting from the dual-overhead-cam design, which offers a fantastic balance between performance and efficiency. Also, this engine construction makes maintenance cheap and easy.

Furthermore, this liquid-cooled engine comes with fuel injection, which ensures excellent throttle response in all conditions, no matter the weather and altitude. Also, this Honda motorcycle comes with the engine counterbalancer, which means that you may count on all the benefits of a single-cylinder engine, such as low-end torque, without sacrificing things that are usually reserved for multi-cylinder units, starting from smoothness.

Chassis and Suspension Design

Along with the engine, the chassis and suspension setup are other super-important ingredients of this motorcycle. This model is compact and very lights, which is one of the reasons why it offers such impressive handling. As we are talking about a capable off-roader, it’s mostly about suspension setup. At the front, you may count on a Showa® fork with large 43 mm sliders, which make this bike easy to ride even on the toughest terrains. The rear end comes equipped with Pro-Link rear suspension, which provides a fine balance between traction, off-road performance and comfort. The ground clearance is at quite a respectable 11.2 inches.

Of course, it’s hard to imagine a capable off-road motorcycle without proper brakes. The 2022 Honda CRF300L comes with disc brakes on both wheels. You may count on a 256 mm disc with a twin-piston caliper at the front and a 220 mm disc on the rear wheel. Another important thing about the brakes is that this bike features an integrated rear brake’s fluid reservoir into the master-cylinder construction. This makes everything more compact and way better protected during challenging off-road sessions.

2022 Honda CRF300L Design

Design-wise, it’s hard to mistake the 2022 Honda CRF300L for any other model in the class. The main reason is that it closely mimics the legendary CRF450R, and that doesn’t refer to the styling only, but also many practical design solutions. For example, there is a slimmer seat front, which makes it easier to move forward on the bike, as well as to put your feet down at stops. Also, there is more foot room compared to the previous-generation CRF250L. This means that you may wear heavy-duty off-road boots with ease.

Comfort and Convenience

We’ve already mentioned that the 2022 Honda CRF300L features a slimmer seat front. Furthermore, it comes with a typically long motocross-style seat, which means movements super easy, which is vastly important for off-road riding. Furthermore, this long seat also means that there is plenty of room for the passenger as well. The bike comes with installed frame-mounted passenger footpegs for the passenger’s full convenience. Finally, cargo hooks are also there, so you can even mount a decent cargo as well. Also, there is a decent storage compartment for small items.

Also, you may count on a super-nice digital instrument cluster, which is large and easy to read. It displays a lot of things, including gear position, fuel mileage, and fuel consumption indicators, speedometer, clock, twin trip meter, a tachometer and many more.

2022 Honda CRF300L Release Date and Price

We expect to see 2022 Honda CRF300L in showrooms by the end of the year. Bigger price changes shouldn’t come, so the price tag should be around 5.250 dollars, plus a $400 destination fee. Traditionally, this bike will continue in Red finish.

When it comes to warranty, you may count on a one-year unlimited-mileage coverage. Also, you can extend it if you opt for the HondaCare Protection Plan®.

2 thoughts on “2022 Honda CRF300L Review, Specs, Rally, Release Date, ABS, Changes”

  1. Boy are you way off the mark. Everyone that has ridden/reviewed one says the suspension is too soft if you weigh over 135lbs. No skid plate, a horrendous rear plate hangar, weak steel handlebars, anemic headlight, ugly silver frame, soft front brake, poor front brake hose routing, out dated plastics and only 22 hp not the 27 they claim it has. Other than that, it is a nice bike.

    1. I have one and i love it! But i grew up on motorcycles! You sound like the guy that called my 1979 Honda CBX a Honda Hog! I dusted his Kawasaki 750 Triple H2 with ease from a dead stop! I am 6Ft 4 245 and it is a fine bike for what it was built for!

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