2022 Honda Metropolitan Accessories, Top Speed, Engine, Price, Release date

If you want to ride with style, search no more. The Metropolitan has always been one of our favorites, mainly because of its gorgeous design. Still, the nice look isn’t its only strong point. This scooter is much more than that, as it comes with typical Honda features, such as advanced engineering, smooth ride and unparalleled reliability. Of course, the 2022 Honda Metropolitan will continue in the same way and from what we know so far, it won’t feature bigger changes compared to previous model years.

This means that you may count on a perfect combination of style, comfort and practicality. This scooter is easy to ride but also offers several features that raise the level of practicality pretty high. Add to this one of the best 50 cc engines ever built, which comes with modern features like programmed fuel injection, and you get a perfect urban cruiser, which can deal with any traffic jam.

We expect that the 2022 Honda Metropolitan will hit the market pretty soon, without bigger price changes.

2022 Honda Metropolitan Design

The most prominent aspect of Metropolitan is definitely its styling. As you can see in the photos, this scooter comes in a retro, European-style layout, which looks gorgeous from every angle. Furthermore, the instrumentation follows the styling, so everything looks perfectly fitted.

Besides the gorgeous look, the 2022 Honda Metropolitan is also a well-engineered motorcycle. Under this beautiful skin, you will find a steel frame that ensures a high dose of rigidity, which is important not just in terms of the bike’s durability, but also in terms of handling and ride quality in general. The Metropolitan is compact, light and very maneuverable. At the same time, it feels solid and also offers a pretty engaging ride, which makes it fun to ride as well.

For the next year, the company may introduce new color options. Currently, this scooter is available in two finishes. Those are Coastal Blue, Pearl Soft Beige. There are a few more customization options on the offer, including a couple of available accessories. For example, you can get a nicely designed rear carrier or even a trunk that’s available in black and white colors.


As we’ve just mentioned, this is a pretty compact motorcycle, which is designed primarily to deal with urban jungles. For example, the wheelbase is just at 46.5 inches, which makes it highly maneuverable. Also, the seat height is just 28.3 inches, which makes it suitable for a large group of riders of all sizes.

Speaking of suitability, we should also mention that the bike is very light. Fully equipped, with all liquids, the scooter weighs around 180 pounds, which makes it easy to ride and also quite efficient.

When it comes to tire dimensions, the 2022 Honda Metropolitan will continue in the same way as the current model, which measures 80/100 R10 on both wheels. That size seems like a perfect compromise between stability and efficiency.

Suspension and Brakes

Despite the affordable price and simplistic overall design, the Metropolitan features a pretty nice suspension design. It provides a smooth and comfortable ride, which absorbs road bumps in a pretty nice fashion. At the front, you will find a telescopic fork with 2.7 inches of travel, while the rear end is equipped with a single shock that offers 2.3 inches of travel.

When it comes to brakes, the 2022 Honda Metropolitan will rely on the classic on proven solutions. So, you may count on drums on both wheels, which are durable and reliable.

2022 Honda Metropolitan Engine

The 2022 Metropolitan will continue with the same, well-known and proven 49 cc single-cylinder four-stroke engine, which is durable, reliable and quite efficient. This engine has been around for a long time and it is one of the best units in its class. It also comes with a couple of modern touches, such as fully transistorized ignition and programmed fuel injection, which have a nice impact on throttle response, torque and efficiency.

Also, you may count on Honda’s familiar V-automatic transmission, which features just one speed. So, there are no gear changes in this scooter, which is the thing that makes the ride highly convenient. Speaking of convenience, the Metropolitan comes with an electric starter. The fuel tank features a capacity of 1.2 gallons.

2022 Honda Metropolitan Release Date and Price

We expect that the 2022 Honda Metropolitan will hit the market soon and that there will be no bigger changes regarding price. So, base versions should go around 2.500 dollars, while there is also a $200 destination fee.

The current model is available in two color options, Coastal Blue and Pearl Soft Beige, but Honda could bring some new finishes to the table for the next model year. When it comes to warranty, we expect no changes. We count on a one-year standard warranty, plus the optional extension with HondaCare Protection Plan.

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