2022 Honda CRF250RX Review, Price, Specs, Release date, Weight

Some motorcycles are all about fun, others are all about reliability. The 2022 Honda CRF250RX is both of these worlds. It represents some of the finest pieces of Honda engineering and we are pretty sure it is one of a kind when it comes to dealing with hard and demanding trails. This motorcycle has so much to offer that it’s hard to describe it in just a couple of sentences. You simply need to try it to realize all the amazing things it has to offer.

For the next year, the Japanese manufacturer has prepared a couple of interesting updates. The 2022 Honda CRF250RX comes with new handguards, as well as a tucked-in side stand, for perfect control. Furthermore, it also comes with a bigger fuel tank, as well as an 18-inch rear wheel equipped with new, enduro-spec tires. Combined with proven design solutions, we have no doubt that the next year’s model will remain a class leader.

2022 Honda CRF250RX Engine

Of course, the core of this bike is its engine and in this aspect, Honda relies on proven solutions. We are talking about the well-known and super-reliable 249 cc single-cylinder four-stroke engine. This unit is liquid-cooled and comes with some pretty amazing design solutions. As a result, the throttle response is impressive, while there is plenty of power and torque across a wide RPM range. Speaking of RPMs, this bike has one of the highest rev lines in the class.

As we’ve just mentioned, this engine comes with a lot of amazing technology solutions. For example, it features a 60-degree angle fuel injection, which provides a cooler, denser fuel charge for more power and better torque. Furthermore, it features bridged-box piston and high-performance cam profilers. Also, you may count on 44 mm throttle body, as well as 33 mm intakes and 26 mm exhausts. Finally, the large-capacity radiator has a great impact on engine cooling,  which has a highly positive effect on the overall engine performance.

The engine comes in pair with a 5-speed manual transmission, which is equipped with a nine-plate clutch housing, which means better torque distribution, less slip and a higher level of durability.


What really separates the 2022 Honda CRF250RX from other models in the class is the impressive number of technical solutions, which show all the best things from Honda engineering. For example, this bike comes with a water-pump drive gear, which keeps all the components healthy. Also, there are many design solutions that keep this bike compact. One of the things that come to mind is an oil scavenge pump, which is hidden deep in the engine.

Speaking of the engine, there is different drive modes you can easily choose on the handlebar buttons. You can choose between Standard, Smooth and Aggressive modes, depending on what kind of performance you want to get from this motorcycle. Moreover, the CRF250RX features a special engine mapping for each gear, which ensures optimal power delivery for each gear.

Another thing we love about this bike is Launch Control. All you need to do is to select this mode, hold the throttle open and release the clutch, and we guarantee that you will be first on every start.

Chassis and Suspension

The 2022 Honda CRF250RX’s frame is rigid and light, which is the main reason why this bike is such a great performer. Of course, a big part goes for the suspension setup. You may count on 49 mm fully adjustable leading-axle inverted telescopic Showa coil-spring fork at the front, with 12.2 inches of travel. The rear suspension has been updated for this year and now features five millimeters more suspension stroke. Naturally, the overall layout remains the same, as we are talking about the Pro-Link® system and fully adjustable Showa single shock, which ensures 12.3 inches of travel.

When it comes to the brakes, you may count on a 260 mm hydraulic disc at the front and a 240 mm hydraulic disc at the rear end.

2022 Honda CRF250RX Dimensions

Size-wise, the 2022 Honda CRF250RX is compact and maneuverable. It features around 58.1 inches in wheelbase, while the total length goes up to 85.7 inches. The seating height is at 38 inches, while 13.2 inches of ground clearance ensures impressive off-road performance.  The bike is 33 inches wide and 50.4 inches high.

With all standard equipment, fluids and a full fuel tank, the CRF250RX weighs around 238 pounds. The trail is 4.5 inches, while the fuel tank capacity goes around 2.2 gallons.

The bike comes with Dunlop Geomax AT81 tires. Dimensions are 90/90 R21 at the front, and 110/100 R18 at the rear end.

2022 Honda CRF250RX Release Date and Price

The 2022 Honda CRF250RX is already available in most markets, with a starting price of 8.499 dollars, plus a $400 destination charge. Of course, the bike comes exclusively in the legendary Red finish.

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