2022 Honda Pioneer 1000 Release Date, Price, Colors, Deluxe, Accessories

Today’s world of UTVs is bigger than ever. The number of new models is growing every year but somehow, the legendary Pioneer remains the class leader. The famous SxS comes in various versions but every one of them offers Pioneer’s proven quality, upgraded with the latest technologies. Simply, the world hasn’t seen a more reliable and more capable mule than this one. Of course, the 2022 Honda Pioneer 1000, as one of the models in the range, continues in the same way, with minor updates only.

For so many buyers, this is a perfect measure. A large engine capacity ensures strong performance in every aspect, while the model’s compact dimensions ensure excellent maneuverability and excellent off-road performance. Furthermore, we like the fact that three passengers can accommodate, while the cargo bed offers a high level of practicality and overall functionality. Of course, the Pioneer is packed with a full load of the latest technologies, which make this UTV not just a capable, but also a very sophisticated machine.

The 2022 Honda Pioneer 1000 brings no significant changes. Therefore, the price remains largely the same as well.

2022 Honda Pioneer 1000 Engine and Performance

Despite all the tech updates and other great features, the engine remains the main thing about this UTV. The 2022 Honda Pioneer 1000 continues with a good-old and well-proven inline twin engine, which offers a fantastic balance between capability and refinement. Of course, it’s liquid-cooled, while you may also count on various advanced design solutions, starting from the famous Unicam head design, which makes the engine more compact, without sacrificing any power or torque.

Of course, the engine features programmed fuel injection, which ensures smooth power delivery in all conditions, easy cold starts and other benefits.

The engine is pretty capable and combined with the Pioneer’s rugged chassis, it ensures many great things. One of them is the max towing capacity, which goes all-away up to 2.000 pounds, which is a class-leading rating. That’s on par with many SUVs and pickups these days.

Along with the refined engine, you may count on a refined gearbox. Of course, we are talking about the 6-speed dual-clutch transmission, the only one in the segment. It is incredibly smooth and allows you to choose the way you want to use it. You can change gears by yourself or go fully automatic. Furthermore, there is the Sport mode, in which gears are shifted at higher RPMs, for maximized performance. Finally, you may count on a 42% reduction, which makes this UTV even more capable on demanding terrains. Paddle shifters are standard on all models.

Finally, there is the advanced drivetrain, which offers TURF/2WD/4WD/DIFF LOCK modes, so you can maximize Pioneer’s performance in every situation. All this is part of Honda’s well-known i-AWD system, this is practically a brake-traction control system, the same one that is used in cars. Once again, Honda was the first to implement this system side-by-sides.

2022 Honda Pioneer 1000 Design, Chassis, Brakes

Visually, this model looks like any other Pioneer. Of course, this particular version comes with a single row of seats and a pretty respectable bed size. Size-wise, you may cunt on 80.2 inches in wheelbase, while the overall length goes around 116.8 inches. The Pioneer 1000 is 63 inches wide and 76 inches high.

Of course, the chassis is one of the best parts of this UTV. It is very light but incredibly strong at the same time. The Pioneer has everything it needs to be ready for any task. Moreover, it even comes with convenience features like a rubber-mounted engine and exhaust system, to reduce vibrations and make the ride more comfortable.

The 2022 Honda Pioneer 1000 will continue with fully independent suspension, with A-arms on both ends of the vehicle. They ensure 10.5 inches of travel in the front, and 10-inches in the back. Combined with a pretty impressive 12.7 inches of ground clearance, they ensure excellent off-road potential. Of course, it’s hard to imagine great off-road potential without massive tires. In this case, you may count on fat 27-inch tires that are mounted on 12-inch rims.

When it comes to brakes, you may count on discs on all four wheels. All four wheels feature dual 210 mm hydraulic discs and ensure excellent stopping power.

Another great feature is electric power steering, which makes off-roading easier and less fatiguing. This feature is standard across the whole range.

The standard model weighs around 1538 pounds, with all equipment, fluids, and a full tank of fuel. Speaking of the fuel tank, it features a capacity of 7.9 gallons, including a 1.7-gallon reserve.

Comfort and Convenience

This particular version comes with a single row of seats. It accommodates up to three passengers and what’s great is that seats are well contoured, so drivers and passengers may count on good support and a high level of comfort. Behind the seats, you will find a respectable cargo bed, with a max capacity of 1.000 pounds.

In front of the driver’s position, you will find an LCD, which serves as an instrument cluster. It is large and easy to read, and it shows plenty of information, such as speed, RPMs, fuel level, transmission mode, fuel gauge, water temperature, a trip computer, clock and many more.

It’s quite easy to find a good driving position in this UTV, even if you are tall. The main reason is the tilt steering wheel, which is part of the standard equipment in all models. The steering column is highly adjustable – it moves up and down, back and forward. In other words, there is a broad range of adjustments options, so everyone can find a perfect position. The visibility is excellent in all directions.

Passengers may also feel safe, as the 2022 Honda Pioneer 1000 meets the latest standards in this aspect. For example, it comes with large-diameter tubing, in accordance with OSHA rollover protection standards. Furthermore, the doors are rock-solid, while the roll-up side net also does its purpose. Finally, there are three-point seatbelts with locking retractor mechanisms, the same ones you can find in passenger cars.

2022 Honda Pioneer 1000 Price, Warranty, Color Options

The 2022 Honda Pioneer 1000 comes without bigger price changes. So, base models cost around $15,899. Of course, keep in mind the $895 destination charge, as well as the $400 freight surcharge. Like in the previous years, Honda gives a one-year limited warranty, but you can extend the coverage with the company’s well-known HondaCare Protection Plan.

The standard Honda Pioneer 1000 is available in two color options – Red and Olive. You can also opt for the Pioneer 1000 Special Edition, which comes with unique graphics, blacked doors and wheels, a Warn 4,500 lb. winch, two-piece poly windscreen, 14” LED light bar, rearview mirror, front fender flares etc.

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