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2023 Honda Civic Touring Preview: Release Date, Price, Specs and Features

The legendary compact car has been completely redesigned for 2022 year. Considering the number of changes and improvements we’ve seen, it’s pretty much for sure that the next year’s model will come without more important changes, except for the arrival of high-performance Type R. The rest of the lineup will carry on in the same way and that refers to the 2023 Honda Civic Touring as well. This is one of the most upscale versions of the car, which comes with a full load of standard equipment.

The Touring trim is reserved for the sedan body style, while the hatchback comes with a Sport Touring trim on the offer. These two models are mostly the same in terms of standard and available features, so we will cover both of them in this short article.

As there are no significant changes to come, we expect that the 2023 Honda Civic Touring will hit the market sometime late in the year.

2023 Honda Civic Touring Design

Design-wise, the 2023 Honda Civic Touring doesn’t come with too many differences compared to the rest of the lineup. We are talking about the same overall design, which was introduced for the 2022 model year. Of course, they are a few exclusive features, particularly in terms of styling. For example, there are unique 18-inch alloy wheels, while the list of standard equipment also includes foglights.

While the Touring trim is reserved for the sedan version, the hatchback comes in the Sport Touring trim. Other than the body style, the differences are minor. The mechanics are the same, which means that you may count on a familiar driving experience. This is one of the most athletic models in the class, with direct steering and nimble handling. At the same time, the suspension setup is fine enough to absorb road imperfections in a pretty nice fashion.


The same thing is with interior design. There is a new layout, introduced with the recent redesign, which looks nice. We like the simplistic layout, which comes in a combination with quality materials and lots of tech and convenience features. Speaking of the convenience features, this trim includes standard leather upholstery. Like any other Civic, this one also offers a perfect driving position, which is something that really has a big impact on the driving experience.

No matter the body style, the amount of space is very generous. This is one of the biggest models in the class, with plenty of legroom in both rows. The front seats are highly-adjustable and accommodate passengers of all sizes. The second row also accommodates taller passengers pretty easily.

When it comes to the cargo area, the sedan offers around 15 cubic feet, which is typical for the class. On the other hand, the hatchback is way more generous and offers an impressive 24.5 cubic feet. The hatch also offers a wide rear door opening, while the back seats fold down, so the overall practicality is on a significantly higher level.


The 2023 Honda Civic Touring will probably continue with the same or very similar list of standard equipment. It comes with a lot of upgrades compared to lower trim levels, with lots of exclusive features. We already mentioned the unique wheels, foglights, and leather upholstery. The list of standard features includes a few more exclusive features, such as power-adjustable front seats, a bigger 9-inch infotainment screen, navigation, wireless charging, 12-speaker Bose audio system, etc.

There are also a few exclusive driver-assistance features, such as front and rear parking sensors, rear cross-traffic alert, low-speed automatic braking, etc.

2023 Honda Civic Touring Engine

Things under the hood will remain the same. The 2023 Honda Civic Touring will continue with a familiar 1.5-liter turbo-four, which comes with a max output of 180 horsepower and 177 pound-feet of torque. The engine comes paired with a CVT, which does a pretty decent job as well. Driving dynamics are very good, as the 0-60 time goes around 7.5 seconds. Furthermore, the fuel economy is pretty amazing, and you may count on 33 mpg in the city and 42 mpg on the highway.

The hatchback version comes with one significant difference. It is available with a six-speed manual transmission, which completely changes the driving experience, in the best possible way. That’s no wonder, considering that Honda makes probably the best manual transmission in the world. The driving is even more engaging and even the acceleration is quicker.

2023 Honda Civic Touring Release Date and Price

We expect that the 2023 Honda Civic Touring will arrive sometime late in the year. The price shouldn’t change much. The current model starts at around 30.000 dollars, while the Sport Touring hatchback is slightly more expensive.

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  1. The 2022 Honda Civic Touring sedan is an excellent compact car. However, there have been on occasion several electrical, mechanical, and safety mishaps. The number of problems with the 2022 Honda Civic Touring is on the incline. This is nothing new with vehicles receiving an overhaul for becoming the next generation of their model line. It appears Honda will only make a few small updates for their 2023 Civic vehicles while the MSRP will increase due to the impact and the inconvenience of the worldwide milder COVID pandemic. We will likely have a 5 to 8 percent markup in MSRP to stay in line with inflation. I do wish Honda would consider the removal of Stop Idle in their vehicles and upgrade other features that have been a nuisance. Honda has been substituting parts of lesser quality that really make their vehicles less reliable and have too much reliance on computer-related intervention. Keep things simplified and top quality. Dependable, reliable, and safe cars are what society needs. Honda should rethink utilizing old-school methods.

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