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2024 Honda Pilot Redesign: Everything We Know So Far

It’s no secret that the Japanese manufacturer is working on the next generation of its mid-size crossover. However, it looks like the company is not rushing at all. The latest reports suggest that the new generation will hit the market next year, as the 2024 Honda Pilot. Of course, we count on all kinds of novelties, which will make this SUV even better. We presume that the focus will be on luxury and convenience, though some sources speculate about the electrification as well.

The upcoming redesign is about to bring a lot of novelties. What we know for sure is that the new model will get bigger. Also, we count on a bolder and more aggressive look, as well as on a pretty luxurious cabin. Of course, the new model should also bring all kinds of new technologies, including the one under the hood, which would refer to the hybrid powertrain.

Although the officials are still quiet, it looks like the 2024 Honda Pilot will hit the market in the first half of the next year.

2024 Honda Pilot Design

As we’ve just mentioned, this redesign is about to bring a lot of new things. Of course, one of the first things that come to mind is the platform, which will be shared with the new Acura MDX. This means that the 2024 Honda Pilot will get 2.8 inches in wheelbase and feature bigger overall dimensions, which should bring all kinds of benefits to the inside.

Another improvement we expect to see is in terms of the suspension setup. The current model offers a smooth and comfortable ride. However, the handling isn’t particularly engaging and that’s where we could see some improvements. The new model should balance better between comfort and athleticism.


Of course, new styling will be a big part of the upcoming redesign. We are about to see a completely new look and even though the test mule still wears a camouflage, some things are relatively easy to predict. The new model should feature a bolder and more aggressive look, with a lot of inspiration taken from the recently updated Ridgeline. Of course, this refers to the front end, which should come with the same grille, though we count on a little bit more modern headlights.

The rest of the body should come in a typical SUV fashion. We expect to see a lot of boxy lines, a wagon-like body and other design solutions that characterize the current model as well. Also, we wouldn’t exclude the possibility to see some special appearance package on the offer, such as the Black Edition.


Of course, big changes are expected on the inside as well. As we already mentioned, the new model will feature a longer wheelbase, along with a bigger overall dimension. So, we may expect even more space on the inside, even though the outgoing model is already very spacious. The longer wheelbase will ensure more legroom, especially in the third row of seats. Furthermore, this may make the cargo area even bigger, even though the current model is already among class leaders.

Besides more space, this redesign should also bring a completely new cabin layout. We expect to see a new dashboard design, with a modern look and massive use of high-quality materials. Of course, we count on new tech features, as well as on all kinds of new convenience features, which will all make this cabin look pretty luxurious.

2024 Honda Pilot Engine

At this point, we don’t know much about the powertrain for sure. Still, we have no doubt that the current 3.5-liter V6 will remain the main powertrain on the offer. This engine would probably feature a max output of 290 horsepower, while we also count on a new 10-speed automatic transmission from the MDX, which is smoother and shifts quicker.

Also, some sources speculate about electrification. At this point, the officials are still quiet but if we could trust rumors, we would see a plug-in hybrid powertrain. Most likely, the new system would be based on a turbo-four engine, where the combined output would go way over 300 horsepower. We would also expect to see a decent all-electric range of at least 30 miles.

Image Source: Motor1

2024 Honda Pilot Release Date and Price

The officials are still quiet about the launch date but most unofficial reports suggest the first half of the next year. When it comes to the price, we believe that base models could cost around 37.000 dollars. The competition remains the same, in the form of models like Toyota Highlander, Chevy Traverse, Ford Explorer etc.

3 thoughts on “2024 Honda Pilot Redesign: Everything We Know So Far”

  1. If Honda wants to differentiate itself, it needs to have larger 3rd row seating windows to go with a larger leg room as well. Don’t know why car makers care so much about the stylist look of the car, when they forgot, the buyer of these 3 row seat SUV and Vans are looking for function over form. Just don’t make it look ugly.

    Be different, like the old Land Rovers, they were great until they wanted to look stylish. Not to mention, I’ll never get one because of their reliability. Hope you be an Outlier Honda.

  2. Any word on interior colors for 2024? The industry over the last couple of years has gone “black crazy”! Curious as to what the lighter colors might be,,,,,such as a beigh, light grays and othr lighter colors in leather.

  3. I hope they replace the SMALL info center with a more Robust one like the other Manufactures, and also locate it HIGHER for a better view, I also hope they move the Gear Select Buttons (Like in The Acura MDX) further up towards the center of the Dash and away from the Cup Holders, where a accidental spill of a Soft Drink or Hot Coffee can cause a short in the Buttons plus costly repairs.

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