2023 Honda Electric Motorcycles: Rumors and Specs

Just like the automotive industry, the world of motorcycles is also entering the era of electrification. Simply, this is the inevitable process that will completely change the picture of the world in the following decades. Luckily or not, this won’t happen all that soon. So we will be able to enjoy the sound of high-revving gasoline engines for some more time. Still, the process has started and as the major player in the game, Honda is also entering the segment of all-electric motorcycles.

From what we know so far, the first models will arrive pretty soon. From what we can see, the plan is to offer three all-electric bikes by 2024 and as you may presume, the initial focus will be on smaller bikes and scooters. What’s also interesting is that Honda is one of several manufacturers that insist on standardization of battery design and technology, which would make the transition from ICE to EV less painful.


2023 Honda Electric Motorcycles: New Models To Come

As we’ve just mentioned, Honda will start the electrification with three new motorcycles. At this point, it’s still unclear whether the Japanese manufacturer is about to convert some of the existing models or they will be built from the ground. However, their design will definitely mimic the design of existing models, whether it’s about size or motorcycle type.

Most likely, the first model will be comparable with 50 cc scooters. Many believe that could be an all-electric version of Metropolitan, though we won’t neglect the possibility to see something funkier, some like Ruckus or Monkey.

The second model to come will be bigger. Most likely, it will be comparable with the 125 cc class of bikes. Most likely, we will see something like an all-electric CB125R, a small sports bike that offers great handling and overall performance.

Finally, the latest reports also suggest something like an all-electric version of Grom. This interesting bike is characterized by pretty small size, but capable powertrain and respectable performance.

Considering the initial lineup of all-electric motorcycles, it’s obvious that the Japanese manufacturer is aiming for younger generations of riders, and the reason is quite obvious. Simply, younger generations accept changes much easier, and that’s particularly interesting from the perspective of those who are looking for their first bike, those who have never experienced gasoline-powered motorcycles.

The battery is the Key

It’s not hard to realize that the biggest challenge in this process of electrification is the battery. Batteries are still expensive, even in the automotive industry. So, it’s no wonder that the development of new all-electric motorcycles will cost a fortune. In order to cut costs of development, as well as future costs, Honda management came up with a great idea.

The idea is to unify all major motorcycle makers, in order to standardize battery technology. This means that all these manufacturers would use the same or similar batteries. Such an approach allows quick swaps, which will be the key to the future of electric motorcycles. Major manufacturers like Honda, Yamaha, KTM and Piaggio already made an agreement to develop swappable batteries. Some reports suggest that this agreement also means building the whole infrastructure of swapping stations. Currently, this refers to Japan and Europe, but we expect similar projects in North America as well.

2023 Honda Electric Motorcycles: When should we expect them?

If we can trust the latest reports, all three electric motorcycles will arrive by 2024. Some of them may arrive earlier, for the 2023 model years. After 2024, we count not only on new electric bikes but also on the electrification of other products of Honda Powersports, such as ATVs and SxSs.

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