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Honda is the world’s biggest motorcycle maker and that’s not because it offers models in all segments, but because it’s a leader in all segments. Scooters are no exception and the famous PCX is living proof. The small city cruiser has been around for more than a decade. The first version was introduced back in 2010 and since then, we are seeing constant improvements. The most recent update and upgrade happened last year, when this scooter was completely reworked. This makes us believe that the 2023 Honda PCX will carry on without more important changes, though minor updates are always possible.

So, you may count on a scooter that has been completely reworked last year. It now features a bigger and more capable engine, as well as a completely new frame, new aesthetics and significantly improved ride quality and comfort. Considering all these qualities, we have no doubt that the next year’s model will remain among class leaders. After all, we are talking about a model that combines all the benefits of a scooter, with all the benefits of a Honda. In other words, it is compact, maneuverable and easy to drive, but it also offers excellent engineering and Honda’s unbeatable quality and reliability.

With no bigger changes in plans, we presume that the 2023 PCX will hit the market sometime in the last quarter of the year.

2023 Honda PCX Engine

This aspect of the scooter definitely won’t change. As we’ve just mentioned, the recent redesign has brought a new, bigger engine, which now features a bigger size. It is good for 156.9 cc and it also comes with the company’s new eSP+ technology, which includes a new four-valve design and new stroke ratio. As a result, performances have been improved, while emissions are lower. Furthermore, the engine comes with liquid cooling, which ensures smooth and seamless performance during traffic jams, while Honda’s famous PGM fuel injection ensures excellent fuel economy.

Honda owners always like the fact that their bikes, despite excellent engineering, have always been easy in terms of maintenance. The new PCX brings another smart solution in this aspect, as the hydraulic cam chain is now automatic. Among interesting engineering solutions, you can also find low-friction roller bearings in the crankshaft, which make the ride even smoother than before.

Of course, the engine comes coupled with Honda’s well-known V-Matic transmission, which is essentially a CVT gearbox, without fixed gear ratios. It ensures smooth rides and has a highly positive impact on fuel economy.

Chassis Design and Ride Quality

The recent redesign has also brought a lot of new things regarding chassis design and frame. There is a completely new frame, which provides much better handling and a higher level of comfort. Furthermore, the chassis brings some pretty interesting design solutions, starting from a duplex-cradle design. That’s something that isn’t so typical for this segment.  For a confident and comfortable ride, the 2023 Honda PCX will continue to be offered with the optional ABS. Of course, you may count on the company’s well-known, perfectly calibrated anti-lock braking system, which works great in non-ideal riding conditions.

When it comes to the suspension setup, the PCX comes with a 31 mm telescopic fork at the front, with nearly four inches of travel. The rear suspension consists of twin shocks, which also provide nearly four inches of travel. Brakes are also very good. You may count on a single 220 mm hydraulic disc at the front, as well as on a single 130 mm drum at the rear end. The front tire dimension is 110/70-14, while the rear tire is 130/70-13.

This scooter measures 51.7 inches in wheelbase, which makes it highly maneuverable. It is perfect for tight spaces, especially if we consider that it isn’t just compact in size, but it is also pretty light. In numbers, that would be 288 pounds.

Comfort and Convenience

The PCX is easy to ride. The seat height of 30.1 inches makes it suitable for pretty much everyone. Also, the seat is long, plush and super comfortable. Also, the passenger section is stepped up and ensures an excellent view. Besides the high level of comfort, this seat also offers a high level of practicality. It comes with large under-seat storage, which has a capacity of 30 liters. That’s enough to put helmet and many other things, which makes it perfect for everyday use. Moreover, this area also has a lock and it is resistant to all weather conditions.

Of course, the 2023 Honda PCX will continue with an electric starter as a part of standard equipment. Combined with programmed fuel injection, it ensures super-smooth and easy starts even in cold weather.

Another convenient thing about this scooter is its 2.1-gallon capacity. When you consider the excellent fuel economy, you get to the conclusion that you won’t have to make so many stops to refuel with the PCX.

The PCX comes with full LED lighting, which makes it not just convenient, but also very attractive. The list of standard equipment includes a large central headlight, as well as LED turn signals. On the rear end, you may count on a fancy-looking X-shaped taillight, which uses multi-optics technology, which ensures bright lighting and a super attractive look.

The instrument cluster includes a large LCD screen, which is massive and easy to read. It’s not just practical, it looks nice as well. Also, you can find a USB port in the storage compartment, which means that you charge up your devices while riding.

Speaking of the convenient ride, we should mention the transmission once again. This scooter uses Honda’s well-known V-Matic transmission. This isn’t a typical automatic transmission, but rather a continuously variable transmission. In other words, it has variable gear ratios, which means that you won’t feel gear changes like in other scooters, which can be pretty harsh in certain situations.

2023 Honda PCX Release Date and Price

Considering that we are talking about a pretty fresh model, we believe that the 2023 Honda PCX won’t feature any bigger changes and that it will come in a typical time. In this case, that would mean sometime late this year. The price should remain pretty much unchanged as well. So, base versions will probably go around  $3,800, while versions with ABS should cost around 4.000 dollars. Of course, keep in mind additional fees, such as a $400 destination fee, as well as a $100 freight surcharge.

The current model comes in Pearl White color but we won’t be surprised if we see a 2023 PCX with a new finish on the offer. Also, you may count on a one-year unlimited-mileage limited warranty, which can be extended with the HondaCare Protection Plan

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  1. Got my 2022 PCX July 2022 and it has been the last one the dealer has had in stock since.
    Getting 91 MPG. I don’t ever get over 55 MPH, just using as a city commuter.

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